Womens Sizing
XS - 5/6 (27")
S - 7/8 (29")
M - 9/10 (31")
L - 11/12 (33")
XL - 13/14 (35")
Mens Sizing
S - 30"
M - 33"
L - 36"
XL - 39"
XXL - 42"
XXXL - 44"
Ladies Geneva Pant Sizing
XS - 4 (28")
S - 6 (30")
M - 8 (32")
L - 10 (34")
XL - 12 (36")
XXL - 14 (38")
Ladies Inspire Pant
Price: $79.95
Options: 4-12

Description: Black with Grey accents. 4-way stretch , wicking breathable fabric.
Sweep's Recommendation: These are form fitting Yoga style pants that are very comfortable. They are a great match to the Inspire jacket. But take note, pants generally fit one size smaller than you would normally wear.
Rocky's Assessment: Misses Rocky loves the fit and comfort!

Olson Yoga Pant (Women's)
Price: $64.95
Options: Size: 4-14

Description: Olson's Yoga curling pant features a thick 4 way stretch fabric providing a relaxed fit in a straight leg design. Unique to the yoga is the convertibility of the high-rise fit to a roll down low rise younger look.
Sweep's Recommendation: Nice quality. Comfortable fit.
Rocky's Assessment: The last time I took yoga I got my feet stuck in my handle.

Olson Geneva Pant (Women's)
Price: $69.95
Options: Size: 4-14

Description: Olson's new Geneva curling pant features a 4 way stretch fabric providing a relaxed fit in a boot cut, low rise design.
Sweep's Recommendation: A younger look without sacrificing a relax fit and feel.
Rocky's Assessment: If I wore a low rise would it cover up my striking band?

Olson Zurich Pant (Men's)
Price: $74.95
Options: Sizes: XS-XXL

Description: Olson’s new Zurich pant is design with comfort in mind. The 4 way stretch fabric and slash zipper pockets combines functionality with style.
Sweep's Recommendation: A modern look that is not restrictive in function works for me.
Rocky's Assessment: An exotic name for an exotic rock like myself!

Tournament Cargo Pants (Men's & Women's)
Price: $79.95
Options: Sizes
Mens: S – XXL
Womens: S-XL

Description: Modern cargo style pant for Men and Women. Poly/cotton construction. Machine washable & dryable.
Sweep's Recommendation: Relaxed fit for the young curler! All new style! There's stretch to help you get low to the ice. Watch the sizing as they tend to fit small.
Rocky's Assessment: If I didn't have these stubby legs, I'd wear them. It's surprisingly tough to find 36-3 pants... I swear I'm putting my tailors kids through university.

Olson Oxford Pant (Men's)
Price: $64.95
Options: Sizes S – XXL.

Description: Olson's new Oxfords are the modern take on a classic curling pant. Flat fronted, with a relaxed fit and straight legs, these pants feature a poly/cotton shell allowing the pant to breath and avoid wrinkles.
Sweep's Recommendation: I have a feeling these pants will be very popular with the fellas. We've been asking for an updated traditional pant that younger guys can wear as well as the slightly less young ones..
Rocky's Assessment: Just make sure you and old man go shopping together, you don't want to end up wearing the same pants... that's a whole new bag of complexes.

Tournament Traditional (Men's)
Price: $49.95
Options: Sizes S – XXL.

Description: Traditional/classic curling pant design. Poly/cotton construction.
Sweep's Recommendation: Nice quality classic curling pant. Easy to maintain. Machine washable & dryable.
Rocky's Assessment: Nice pants old man, did they run out of plaid?