Olson Renegade
Price: $35.95
Options: Also available in black and red.

Description: This is a new offering from Olson’s designed for those of us who subscribe to the less-is-more category of gloves but does not sacrifice any grip. This is provided by the Silicone textured microfiber construction on the palm. Definitely not for the cold blooded.
Sweep's Recommendation: The textured palm and fingers of the Renegade makes it a great compromise between a glove like the Vice Grip and the Ice, allowing for more grip and flexibility than most fabric palmed gloves while still giving you more warmth you would expect. It doesn’t hurt that it also looks more modern without moving into the robotic look that most comparable gloves seem to love.
Rocky's Assessment: Twice the prestige of joining a motorcycle gang, and a fraction of the cost of tattoo removal.

Olson Mitt
Price: $36.95
Options: Size: XXS-XL

Description: If you are looking for a high quality leather mitt then look no further. This new mitt from Olson’s is of the highest quality and features sheepskin lining for maximum warmth
Sweep's Recommendation: Great comfortable glove that still gives you the gripping ability of leather while keeping you nice and toasty. Perfect for skips!
Rocky's Assessment: Can also double as Olson Snowmobiling Glove or Olson Cleaning the snow off your car in the morning glove.

Olson Ice Gloves (Women)
Price: $35.95
Options: Size: S-XL

Description: Olson's Ice Gloves are designed specifically to fit a ladies hand. Featuring padded white leather palms and nylon & neoprene backing for the ultimate in breathability, comfort and protection.
Sweep's Recommendation: These stylized gloves are a great choice for women curlers that are looking for a bit more warmth, but don’t want a curling mitt.
Rocky's Assessment: Bright blue matches everything right? ... right?

Tournament Vice Grip Glove
Price: $32.95
Options: Size: S-XL (Men) S-L (Women)

Description: The Vice Grip glove have been designed specifically for optimizing broom handle grip. They are a full leather styled tan coloured glove. Engineered silicon in palm grip points are what gives this glove its gripping ability. Lycra flex points combined with finger slashes give this glove excellent flexibility. Wrist tab closure.
Sweep's Recommendation: This is truly a gripping glove, but that being said ….very stylish. They are the perfect sweeper's glove.
Rocky's Assessment: WARNING: Makes throwing your broom that much harder.

Tournament Softy Glove
Price: $26.95
Options: Size: S-XL (Men) S-L (Women)

Description: The Soft glove is light weight and perfect for the competitive and everyday curler. Similar in design to a golf glove, the “softy” is designed for grip and hand protection while providing a reasonable level of warmth.
Sweep's Recommendation: A nice soft feel with surprising durability. The “softy” provides a reason level of warmth.
Rocky's Assessment: If you need more warmth then sweep harder!

Olson Ultrafit Gloves
Price: $26.95
Options: Sizes: XXS-XL (Unisex)

Description: Olson's redesigned Ultrafit Leather Glove comes in your choice of White or Black leather. Updated last season, this glove is a popular choice for curlers looking for a glove which is moderately insulated and provides reasonable grip. All gloves comes in unisex sizes
Sweep's Recommendation: The Ultrafit is slightly heavier than a golf glove and the Tournament “Softy” glove. Overall, this is a good general purpose glove.
Rocky's Assessment: You've got to respect a glove that has racing stripes.